Our space is a modern dental clinic located at the Eastern part of Thessaloniki (Neo Rysio) near theMacedonia airport. A great range of dental procedures is carried out including fillings, root canal treatments of single-rooted or multirooted teeth, prosthetic and aesthetic restorations, gum plastic surgery and of other tissues, therapies of the periodontal tissues, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery and extended maxillofacial surgery.

The space is appropriately formulated in order to fulfill excellent hygienic conditions, comfort and functionality. It has a main waiting room where the secretary’s office is found and which communicates with the rest of the rooms of the clinic through a computer network. All of the abovementioned rooms are equipped with high tech equipment which constitutes an autonomous doctor’s office. There is a second waiting room, a separate room of power operated cleaning and sterilizing system of all the instruments used. The informational talks concerning the medical issues between the patients and the doctors are held at a separate office. The same is applied when the doctors need to discuss and exchange their opinions about the application of the most appropriate treatment for demanding cases.

The reaction and treatment to any case is immediate all the year round even if there is no scheduled appointment and all the highly trained medical and nursing stuff is there to assist along with the appropriate secretarial services.

Our Working Space

The characteristics of our clinic are:

  • We work full time
  • We offer all the dental procedures at the minimum amount of time as well as everything that demands an urgent treatment (e.g. trauma)
  • We have a coordinated working team
  • We have extensive medical support
  • There is state of the art technological equipment of monitoring and supporting of all the vital functions (oxygen supply, monitor, defibrillators, medicines)
  • We use only high quality certified materials
  • We keep abreast with all the latest scientific developments and advances and participate in numerous scientific events
  • Easy access and parking at our clinic