In the modern way of life a healthy mouth offers a sort of ‘social passport’ in order to attain aims which include the further improvement of our life quality. This can be achieved through healthy teeth, gums and all the other peri-oral tissues, the harmony of which contributes to the general positive image of a person. It is also widely known that beautiful healthy teeth arranged in a correct way help promote a bright, happy smile which certainly is an attractive asset for any person during any kind of social interaction.

Stoma Gnathos Clinic also offers the full possibility to rectify or redefine the whole aesthetic image of the mouth as well as the smile using all the ‘tools and advances’ offered by modern dentistry. The complete result can be reinforced with mild interventions in the lips and the adjacent peri-oral areas (fillers).

Composite Veneers – Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are porcelain covers (created in the laboratory) or composite (which are made directly in the mouth) and are adhered to the external surface of the teeth which is slightly drilled (0,2-0,5 mm) or not at all. With the abovementioned manufactures the color of a patient’s teeth can change because it does not satisfy him. The above are also applicable to teeth which have been altered due to smoking and endodontic therapy (root canal treatment). They also offer the chance to change the shape of the teeth, in cases of erosion, fractures but also in cases of slight crowding (alignment and harmonious smile line without an orthodontics therapy).

The abovementioned procedures are applied in our clinic after a thorough and complete study of each case with a study of casts, photographs and after in depth discussion with the patient as far as his desires are concerned. In the case of composite veneers the procedure is completed in one session. In the case of porcelain veneers the procedure is completed in two sessions, the first includes the preparation of the teeth the prints and the creation of temporary veneers. The prints are sent to the specialized dental laboratory, which creates them and the second session during which the doctor places them in the mouth. After the placing procedure specific instructions are given to the patient related to the mouth hygiene especially around the area where the veneers have been placed and a new check appointment is scheduled for 10-15 days later.

Gum Plastic Surgery

In the cases where the gums are overtly revealed while smiling (gingival smile), where there is asymmetry in the teeth border between the enamel and the free gingivae or when the gums are swollen due to various reasons (medicines, hormonal factors, poor mouth hygiene etc) corrective methods are applied painlessly and without any post-surgical difficulties for the patient since fine specialized instruments are used. Laser and other techniques are also implemented in order to achieve the best possible result.

Dental lift

Revival of the smile in cases where the teeth show erosion, microfractures, discoloration due to external factors or due to age. (Updated way of ‘restoring’ the teeth color, shape and arrangement).

Dental spa

Non interventional techniques which aim at the maintenance of the therapeutic result and reinforcement of the gums giving at the same time a pleasant feel at the mouth (rejuvenation of the gums after irrigation with solutions that have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action) are implemented in our clinic.

Dental strass