Prosthetic restorations are divided into two categories: fixed and non-fixed. The fixed procedures are cemented, thus they are permanently placed in the mouth and are applied in cases where one or more teeth need to be protected (due to fracture, endodontic therapy, decay) or replaced (due to extraction). They are manufactured in a dental laboratory either from porcelain with a metal supportive skeleton or a zirconium skeleton in cases where the aesthetic result is of primary importance or from only all-ceramic material –porcelain.

The removable procedures are not fixed in the mouth and are applied in cases where there are not many teeth present or when all the teeth are missing. Usually they are a supplementary suggestion in the therapeutic scheme, since they are not always easily accepted due to the number and the usage of the implants.

All the abovementioned schemes of prosthetic restoration either solely or when combined they are applied accordingly in our clinic. After discussion and with the patient’s consent the most appropriate choice in terms of functional efficacy and aesthetic result. Our highly experienced stuff is always at the patient’s side to answer to any kind of question that might arise, to inform and to facilitate them during the therapy.