Pedodontics – Treatment of individuals with special needs

In order to achieve the best possible teeth protection (deciduous or permanent teeth) from tooth decay and therefore to prevent their destruction, we fluoridate both the teeth and the cover of the chewing surfaces of the sealants. Fluoridation allows the strengthening of the tooth layer (enamel) thus making it more resistant to the acids which are produced by the mouth bacteria. The sealants make the chewing surfaces of the molars smooth thus the food residues and the tooth decay are removed more easily.

The abovementioned services are offered in our clinic as part of the preventive therapy and all the rest of the paedodontics procedures like fillings and root canal treatment of the deciduous and the first temporary teeth, extractions etc. All these procedures are carried out with modern methods which are friendly to the children. In cases where the cooperation is not possible on the part of the patient (like with children of very young age, children that do not follow the doctor’s instructions, children or adolescents with special needs) special methods are applied which make it possible to complete the dental procedures without them turning into a traumatizing experience for the patient.

Our goal is to have young patients who will gladly visit the dentist and who will grow up to be adults with no phobias and second thoughts.


Check ups are appointed at regular times- prevention program application


Special fluoridation programs


Fillings of holes and fissures