The temporomandibular joint usually shows signs of pathology which are mainly expressed with clicking from the jaw, pain, difficulty when chewing and generally dysfunctional behavior during movement. Some of the causes are dental occlusion disorders and some more general conditions. Depending on the intensity of the problems we follow conservative treatment methods while in specific cases when a surgical procedure is necessary by a Special Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon this is conducted with general anesthesia in a clinic.


The patients who face problems of developmental character or disruption of skeletal formation of the jawbones and the face in general undergo surgical procedures by a Special Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon after a detailed and specialized study (osteotomies and Face Design).The treatment is complete and in cases of cleft or other situations which are shown in the mouth.

Examples: Mandibular macro –and/or micrognathia (known as mandibular prognathism or hypognathism), maxillary protrusion and/or hypognathia, open bite, genioplasty, etc