The orthodontics services provided both for children, teenagers and adolescents and are carried out in an easy and quick way using the most updated methods. This is applied both for preliminary dental therapy (non-fixed mechanisms)or for major orthodontics therapy (fixed mechanisms- fixed orthodontic appliances, brackets). The fixed appliances are offered at the color of the tooth – white in the cases of patients who prefer a better aesthetic aspect of their mouth. The therapeutic method followed is defined after a thorough study of the casts of the mouth and the x-rays of the patient and a regular check of the development of each case with new casts and photographs of different steps during the therapy till it is completed.

In patients with skeletal problems like prognathism, lateral excursions of the lower jaw hypoplastic jaw, hypoplastic genium special programs are applied which combine orthodontics and surgical therapy.

Furthermore there is the possibility to place orthodontics implants, which serve as abutment teeth units which are needed for the quicker and more efficient movement of the teeth.