Whitening of live and teeth which have undergone root canal treatment is applied

Teeth bleaching is part of the aesthetic dentistry and the brightness of the smile. There are many factors which can distort the color of the teeth (natural coloring in many foods, drinks, nicotine, older fillings, old age, traumas and necrosis, root canal treatment materials etc). The various whitening techniques (at home or/and at the doctor’s office using LASER and LED lamps) can give a very satisfactory result.

The whitening is carried out along with the application of a gel on the external surface of the teeth which contains an active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide. This chemical molecule enters the various layers of the teeth and it binds with the coloring elements that it breaks down. At our clinic Stoma Gnathos the whitening methods that are applied do not affect the vitality of the teeth.


The whitening at our clinic is completed in 2-3 sessions which last 45 minutes each. The material which is used contains a high concentration of a drastic factor (37,38% hydrogen peroxide). After the choice of the desired color depending on the shade guide all the necessary precautions are taken in order to protect the soft tissues (gums, lips) and the gel is applied on the external surface of the teeth. After that it is activated with the aid of ultraviolet radiation from a halogen lamp so that its efficacy is the maximum at the short period of 45 minutes. The same procedure is repeated in the following sessions.


The whitening at home is carried out at a two-week course with the creation of guides from a soft acrylic ingredient. The guides are placed on the surface of the teeth. The patient himself applies the gel with the drastic element in the inner part of the guide and then places it in the mouth. The concentration of the hydrogen peroxide in this case is smaller (10, 14, 15%) and depending on its percentage the number of hours the guides remain in the mouth is defined. (2-4 hours)