Many times the deep tooth decay harms the inner soft part called pulp and which has a nerve with which one can understand any kind of stimulus like intense food chewing, sour or sweet sensation, hot or cold etc. The pulp is exposed to the extended oral cavity from which various microbes can enter and harm this part of the tooth. The microbe irritation is expressed with intense pain of varying range, inflammation, an abscess or damage around the root of the tooth, granuloma or a cyst.

Endodontics (or root canal treatment) is the specialized service of the dental science which frees patients from the abovementioned problems with irrigation, antisepsis and sealed fillings of the root canals of the tooth in which the pulp is found.

In our clinic the full range of endodontics is offered with the usage and application of updated modern methods through mechanically operated means, hand held equipment and devices which enlarge the dimensions in the single rooted and multirooted teeth thus offering very satisfying results. Special care is given for the endodontics therapies of the teeth of children.