Implants are units which replace the root of the tooth or the teeth which are lost. They consist of titanium metal which is a fully biologically acceptable material. They are placed with a special surgical procedure at the bone of the jaw where they must stay intact for a specific period of time (2-6 months) until they are fully integrated by the body. After the abovementioned period the prosthetic project (single crown, bridge, denture) is made on top of them. During the integration period temporary prosthetic parts are made in order for the patient to feel secure both aesthetically and functionally. In cases where the quality of the bone allows it, the temporary parts can be placed immediately so that the patient can leave from the clinic on the very same day the implants are placed.

After the completion of the surgical and the whole prosthetic restoration, the patient takes the codes of the implants which were used in his /her case which are unique for each implant and which is defined by its manufacturing company.