Many diseases which appear in the oral cavity which demand surgical treatment affect the soft or the hard or both kinds of tissues. Some usual conditions have to do with different kinds of tumors or tumor-like formations, hyperplasia, abscesses from teeth which might extend to the facial or cervical area. Depending on the kind, extent, the chronic nature and the spreading of the damage the surgical treatment is immediately applied taking into consideration both the clinic characteristics and the data received from the laboratories. In our clinic all the surgical procedures are carried out with full awareness and the advisable application of the provisions of the protocols on the part of the Special Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Examples of situation where surgical therapy is needed:

Impacted wisdom teeth and other teeth

  • Maxillofacial trauma
  • Impacted wisdom teeth and other teeth
  • Root remnants in the jaw bone or in the sinus
  • Oroantral communication (fistula)
  • Connective tissue lesion and other benign lesions of the oral mucosa
  • Exostoses of the jaws
  • Osteoplasty of the alveolar bone
  • Mucocel, leukoplakia
  • Biopsies of small and big suspicious lesions
  • Ameloblastoma, odontom and odontogenic tumors
  • Any other disorder of the jaws and the extended maxillofacial and cervical complex