The bones of the jaws are absorbed after the extraction of the teeth. The untimely restoration usually leads to more severe or very intense bone absorption which remains in the jaws (residual alveolar process). The absorption may be present in one or more parts of the upper or lower jaw or the whole jaw. Moreover, various diseases of the body may lead to a loss in the mass of the jaw bones as diabetes, the parathyroid glands, osteoporosis etc. Along with the gradual aging there is the corresponding and natural absorption of the bone of the jaws.

In all the abovementioned cases there is the possibility to restore the bones most times with mild interventions with local anesthesia and with the usage of special implant materials which are appropriately processed for these cases (membranes, implants, growth factors).

Interventional surgery – osteoplasty- at the specific bone areas which are diseased has the aim to restore the height and the width of the bone which was lost thus creating the appropriate conditions in order to place implants which will be osseointegrated or to choose prosthetic restoration of other kinds.

In our clinic many specialized surgical procedures are applied like the ones abovementioned along with others widely known as sinus lift either using the classic surgical method or more usually a non-traumatic intra-oral approach of different choices.