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'Stoma Gnathos' is highly modern dental clinic fully equipped with up-to-date machinery and materials. It is an all day operating dental clinic which has extended working hours adapting to the current contemporary demands and needs.

It is located at a key point of Eastern Thessaloniki thus providing easy access and parking. It is comprised by a team of specialized doctors and supporting stuff which is always there at everyone's disposal to inform and assist them and solve any problems that might arise.

The main philosophy of our clinic is to develop a mutual trust between the patient and the doctor through discussion, friendly approach, detailed briefing about the therapeutic solutions which are offered along with the appropriate psychological support before and after the therapy. Moreover through contemporary models of dialectics we try to reform a new perception regarding the value of the mouth hygiene and its contribution to a more general well-being of the body. Special emphasis is placed on the part of the doctors at our clinic on the implementation of innovative programs of special training for pre-school kids, young children, teenagers in connection to the prevention and the avoidance of problems related to the mouth. The aim of that is to maintain an automated adherence to the rules of the oral hygiene by including a regular visit to the dentist to the extended relationship which is developed between a patient and a doctor.

It is very interesting to underline that in our clinic we manage to efficiently limit the dental phobia with painless methods along with the necessary psychological support which is offered by the doctors.